Lord Bane’s Holocron

A little story about me.

When I was a little boy, I got my first lightsaber which consisted of a white hollow tube attached to a red plastic flashlight with a colored lens. Believe me, these sabers were NOT duel worthy by any means. But at the time it’s all I had. In 2005 when I bought my first FX Anakin Lightsaber, I was blown away by the sound and light complimenting the metal hilt. I have since strived to make the ultimate Lightsaber, one that would be super bright and screaming loud with crisp sound fonts that match what you see in the movies. I love this hobby and I enjoy making people happy, especially when it comes to crafting one of the worlds greatest weapons…The Light Saber. I hope to make all your saber dreams come true and I am sure your lightsaber will last for years to come.

Please enjoy the pictures of Wondercon… I will be updating them frequently.

“May the Force be with You”


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