LB Custom Sabers specializes in the conversion of stock FX Lightsabers and offers quality MHS saber build services. Contact us for more information.
Available Saber Services


LB Custom Sabers offers great service, excellent communication and quality products. It is my continuing goal to make your saber dreams come true and make a long lasting quality product.

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MR/HFX Conversions

Do you want to convert your stock FX Lightsaber? LB Custom Sabers can take your stock FX saber and convert it by installing a hi powered led with the color of your choice and a custom conversion kit that can fit a 1″ diameter polycarbonite blade.
(Blades sold separately).

Saber Upgrades

If you  want  dramatically change the look, feel and sound of your current Lightsaber, then look no further, send us your hilt and we will do the very best at acommodating your needs and making your saber dreams a reality. Upgrades can range from changing out the main led color, adding an illuminated switch or even adding a high quality sound board. We do it all!.


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